• What You Need

    This Page is About Me Hi Everyone ! Let me introduce myself, my name is Glenn Waller and this is my first blog. I remember years ago when I first heard of blogs I thought, “why would anybody want to blog”? I assumed that blogs were just a way for people to write about their lives, events and post it for everybody to see online. My thought “how silly are these people posting personal information which the entire public could view”. About me these are just my thoughts.

    To my Surprize

    Needless to say, was I ever wrong!! Blogging has become so popular that I had to re-think my opinion. Blogging is not just writing about personal life and hobbies, they provide us with information and help us solve problems. For these reasons I decided blogging is very helpful. This is something I am interested in pursuing. It can also provide a source of income and reward the blogger for his or her efforts. The topics of my blog are mainly going to provide information for women because it was the first inspiration that came to me.

    I have a long time friend her name is Alice, she is incredibly attractive she knows how to dress in fashion and maintain her hair perfectly. I know as a man, we never know the things that woman probably do to look your best, but we do appreciate it. In honor of Alice and all the rest of you pretty women I have decided to make this blog to give you information on beauty, beauty tips, beauty products and beauty supplies, hair tips, hair products, hair supplies, fashion, fashion design, latest fashions. Thanks again Alice and the rest of you lovely women who visit my blog. I think you will find my about page can give some important insights on who I am. In the future this about me page will be updated.